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Travel with me: Ibiza!

Travel with me: Ibiza!

Ibiza, vale! My first trip to Europe was to the beautiful island of Ibiza. My girlfriends and I are not party animals at all, so I was a little hesitant to see what the island had to offer for us non clubbers. But trust- Ibiza did not dissapoint. Ibiza has some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen, restaurants, culture and amazing scenery. 

Things to know before you get there:


Depending on what you want to do is where you should book your hotel. We booked a hotel on the west coast of the island and rented a car to travel to different calas (beaches) and to the Old Town. Our hotel was far from the clubs which we didn't mind. We did go out to the clubs but I would recommend taking a taxi from where you stay which is what we did. You will want to rent a car on this island! Things are relatively far so unless you know how to drive a motorcycle/moped, you will have to rent a car. It is not easy to catch taxis at las calas which ended up happening to us! 

The language:

Majority of the people on the island speak English. You will not have a problem getting around, but it did help that I spoke Spanish, because the locals gave us good suggestions on what to do. Majority of tourists are from the UK, Sweden, Italy etc. 

The clubs!

Buy your tickets in advance! We made the mistake of thinking they would be cheaper at the door. WRONG! They were much more expensive. We went to Pacha and Coco Loco. Pacha had great music (HIp-Hop and Oldies) as well as, EDM. Coco Loco was Deep House (not our thing lol) but we meet some cool people. Don't wear heals! We made the mistake of thinking we had to dress like girls dress to go to the clubs in the US. Negative. Wear comfy outfits and shows as you'll be out to these clubs for 4 hours min. Also, the clubs don't get full until 1 or 2 am! Drinks are expensive! So take nips from the US or get alcohol outside the club. 


Ibiza is very safe. We saw 1 police car and 2 public safety officers the whole time we were there. We left our bags on the beach and would go off to explore and not think twice about our stuff. 

What to do:

Visit Formentera:

Below is a picture of Playa Illetes located in Formentera Island. To get here you can take a ferry from Old Town. This is hands down the most amazing place to go and a must see when in Ibiza. I wished we could have stayed  and discover more of Formentera. 

We found the ferry tickets online and bought them for about $60 USD round trip. I suggest you ask your concierge about this. Once we got there we rented a car to get to the beach. You could rent a motorcycle, bicycle or 4 wheeler. 

Cala Salada:

This cala is awesome if you are looking to go cliff jumping as you can see i did in the picture below! The water was so clear here. The only issue is getting there. Only cabs are able to drop off if it is too late in the day. So get there early if you want to drive your rental car here. 

Visit Old Town Ibiza:

We drove out rental car to Old Town and walked around the streets. Old Town has some amazing restaurants and cute small streets that are so picturesque. 


Cala Tarida: 

Another beautiful beach! This was not far from our hotel. Only down fall was that the water was rocky, but overall beautiful beach to spend the day at.

Visit Es Vedra:

This place is amazing to go watch the sunset. I guess it has mystical powers and is the third most magnetic spot in the planet! You definitely feel weird there. Almost like at peace. I felt very calm watching the sun go down. I highly recommend it!

Check out more info on Es Vedra below:

With love, P. 

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