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Beauty Edit: Best and Worst Dry Shampoo

Beauty Edit: Best and Worst Dry Shampoo


I am the laziest when it comes to washing my hair! So i can truly say I never travel any where without dry shampoo. I discovered it when I was in college because I was so lazy to wash my hair (college problems lol) and living in these New England winters makes it almost impossible! I've tried high end and drug store and have seen the ugly and the good. Read below for the round up!


This is the worst dry shampoo in the market! i used this once and never used it again. It leaves a heavy residue on the scalp. The smell is awful and the spray leaves a white cast on dark hair. 

2. Living Proof Dry Shampoo

My absolute favorite and my top high end dry shampoo is the Living Proof Dry Shampoo! It leaves the hair feeling fresh and bouncy again. It isn't too heavy on the hair and really soaks up any shine. 

3. Dove Refresh Dry Shampoo 

Not disappointed with this shampoo at all! I really like the result it gives for the money. i can't say it is my favorite drug store dry shampoo but it does the job. 

4. Bumble and Bumble White Hair Powder

This product is great for people with thin hair who want to add some volume. I know the worst it to have greasy weight down hair. It also covers the look of your roots growing in. They sell this product for brunettes as well! 

5. Batiste

My favorite drugstore dry shampoo! It never disappoints to soak up the excess oil. i can get many uses out of this can. I also love that it is sold in a travel size version. i can't say this gives your hair any volume but it doesn't leave the hair feeling heavy.

6.. Drybar Triple Sec

I can't live without this! This claims to do three things for your hair. It is a dry shampoo, adds volume and smell and is a texturizer. I love the smell of this and the volume it adds to the hair. I tent to wear my hair up if I'm going on third day hair but with this you can spray to add volume and soak up the excess oils. I love that this also come in a travel size version. 

7. Not your Mother's Clean Freak

This dry shampoo is a good drug store find. I like the smell of this but the actual product is ok. It does the job when it come to soaking up the excess oil but just like PSST Dry shampoo, it can weight the hair down. 

Also, if you have very oily hair, dry shampoo will help reduce the oil. You need to train your hair to stop over producing oil, and to do so you need to stop washing the hair too often. Train your hair to go from an everyday wash, to an every other day, then to every two days and so on. If you feel the hair getting a little too oily just spray some dry shampoo and done!

Hope this helps! 

With love, P. 

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